The "Zo-be" Curse

Today I dressed Zoë up in the little Kobe Bryant Baby Lakers jersey that we originally got for Lucas about 4 years ago, and has been worn by "Kobe Bear" for the past 3.5 years. She wore it once before, a few weeks back, and we thought it was cute, and then she spit up all over it and the Lakers lost, so she didn't wear it again.. and the Lakers made it to the finals.2554733407_b775520de2_m.jpg

Today being the first game in the finals, and since she has A.DOR.A.BLE new babylegs that actually match the jersey, I dressed her up in it again. Because really, what fun it is to have a baby girl if you can't play dress up with her, like everyday?!

Lucas came home from school all excited about "Zobe" and the game. Jason came home and cracked open a beer to sit and watch the game.. Zoë drooled all over her outfit... and the Lakers. Well. They lost.

And my father, the most non-BS man you will ever meet (at least in his opinion) made me promise to never put her in the jersey again.

Um, Go Lakers?