What about us?

I don't get very political over here in my neck of the blogospherewoods, I usually save the ranting for Jason while I touch on shoes and lactation. But this is killing us, and since this is an election year, and a time when SOMEONE may be able to do the right thing and help, I need to get this out there.

The Insurance Industry SUCKS.

I know, duh, right? But really. The republicans are fond of saying that there are things out there for everyone, if you just seek it out. Really? So, help me then.

Jason and I make decent money. For the good of our careers and the good of our family, we are both independent contractors. It allows me to be home with my kids when they need me and make a shit-load more money than I did in-house. The big thing that's missing tho, insurance. Why? Because we can't get Lucas covered.

We found out today that he was denied yet again. And before you make a blanket decision and say "well, your kid could have congenital heart defects as a result of his Kawasaki Disease.." let me note, that the second half of the "reasoning" behind this latest insurance company's explanation was because he had ear infections and had to have TUBES PUT IN HIS EARS. Yea, apparently a almost routine procedure that something like 65% of kids under 5 get is reason enough for your child to never qualify for health insurance again. How close to home does that hit you?

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the insurance company still cashed the $600 check we were forced to write to them before they would even consider us.

We make too much money to qualify for the CA State subsidized insurance, but not enough to cover the astronomical cost of the COBRA plan we used to be on that jumped up to about $1,300 right before we ended it. We can't get HIPPA coverage, since we elected to end the COBRA plan. We are firmly stuck in working upper middle class HELL and I'm considering the early morning Starbucks shift JUST to get benefits for Lucas.

I just want to know who's going to help us? You know - the ones down here that paid an additional $9k in taxes last year? The ones who are not "walking away" from inflated mortgages and that are working our asses off to the best parents and earn a living that allows us not to have go on food stamps.

So Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain - you want my vote? What are you going to do for ME and MY family??