Baby Girl

The Pickle. An Update.

Those of you who have been around these parts for awhile may remember how petite my little Zoe pickle was upon entering this world. 4lbs 15.5 oz petite to be exact. 

Over the first 6 months of her life all the little thing did was eat and scare us with her inability to gain weight. She was tiny. Always a size behind. Always a peanut.

Almost 4 years later the situation is a bit different. Homegirl had a (pre)preschool doctor's visit today and while she may still be a pickle, she is no longer a peanut. 80th percentile for height and 70th for weight. Even her new doctor commented on her size and the length of her legs, reminding me to keep her in a car seat as long as possible even though she will quickly be in "booster seat" range. 

They did a vision/eye test in which she had to watch a screen for a few minutes with a patch over one eye and electrodes on her head. She sat down and said to the nurse "OH! A movie! Do we get to eat popcorn?!" Yeah, she has personality to boot. 

Next week she starts pre-K. It wasn't really planned that way, but because she is almost 4, they are moving her up a class. I even have the option of putting her into kindergarten next year if we feel that is right for all of us. 

Almost 4 years old... I'm going to blink and she will be driving. 


The week in review

Well, we are officially weened. I have now 100% stopped the breast feeding of my baby, and 99.9% sure, last baby. I am now free to experiment with various cold medicines and diet pills.

We made it 11 months, which I am very extremely proud of. I'm also proud that it was her that made the decision and nothing that I forced on her. But sadly, it also signals that we are nearing the end of her baby-hood and in 3 short weeks, she will be ONE. ONE. One year since she came shrieking into the world, a little small but full of might.

And just you WAIT to see the birthday bonanza I'm planning.

Hey, it's not every day someone turns ONE.

In other news I'm still seething in hatred for Jiffy Lube. If you are not on facebook, or missed my story, let me point you to Jason's "I HATE JIFFY LUBE THEY CAN ROT IN HELL" post . Rat fricking bastards have chose not to do the right thing, and therefore will get their f-ing asses sued.

LaLaLa! Trying to find my happy place which involves lots of wine and possibly cake. I miss/want cake.


This morning I woke up and had a cup of coffee (1% milk, splenda) and a 45 calorie slice of wheat bread with 1pnt WW cream cheese.

This morning, Lucas woke up with a fever, but still managed to consume a bowl of Honey Nut O's and 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter.

Zoe, my little 15 lb pixie fairy, nursed for 30 minutes, ate a cup of Joe's O's, a whole banana, a handful of baby fruit puffs, and a piece of toast with cream cheese.

Pure Insanity I tell you.