Samsung Imagelogger

#JerseyLove: #Imagelogger Edition

Last week was a big week. Not only did I get to experience "The Shore," but the nice people over at Samsung also sent me this beautiful new NX300 SMART camera to test drive for the summer. As part of Samsung's "Imagelogger" program, I will snapping pictures and uploading them directly via this AMAZING WiFi enabled, 20.3 megapixel, Smart digital SLR. 

I know I take a lot of pictures, and many of them with my iPhone purely for the ease of being able to share online quickly. That's why I have been totally giddy over the NX300 SMART camera - because much like a smart phone, I can now upload images directly to Facebook, Picassa or YouTube when I have a WiFi connection. When I'm away from a good hotspot, I simply send the image to my phone via the free Samsung camera app.

Insanity, huh? And best of all? NO MORE LOST CONNECTION CORDS!

Last week in Jersey was my first week with the camera. With anything shiny and new, there is a learning curve before everything is perfect, but straight out the gate I'm already enamored with this camera.


Over the next few months I will be sharing images taken with the NX300 SMART camera on Twitter, Facebook and weekly here on my blog. If you want to follow along and check out some of the images the other Imageloggers are taking - just follow the hashtag: #Imagelogger

*DISCLOSURE: Samsung gave me the new NX300 to participate in this program. All opinions and photographs are my own.