40 Weeks Later..

1977960557_93737e7fae_m.jpg40 weeks have gone by since I got that big fat positive pregnancy test. 40 weeks of joy, excitement, first kicks, and indigestion. I bitched and moaned there for weeks about how this would never end.. and now it has. And already the pregnancy seems like a distant memory.

Already, the feeling of her little kicks and hiccups emanating from within me are fading. I no longer remember how uncomfortable I was and the discomforts that I complained about daily. Or maybe it's just that I don't have time to sit and try to conjure up these memories at the moment, because about a week and half ago, I become a mother of 2.

This week has flown by in a wave of hormones and exhaustion. I keep having to remind myself (and others) that not only do we have an infant, but I'm also recovering from abdominal surgery. Oh yea, and we also thought it would be a good idea that we all get flu shots last week.. good in concept - bad in actual reality when 3 members of the family, including the one recovering from child birth, all feel funky.

1927018451_2263bf9f61_m.jpgZoë is a fabulous baby thus far. Yes, we are tired (as to be expected), but not necessarily from lack of sleep at night. Zoë has been granting us 3-4 hour blocks of sleep. Sleep that we savor and need just to get through the day of dealing with an adjusting 3 1/2 year old and an itsy bitsy infant.

Our friends and my family have been wonderful this week. My mom was here helping this week and we've had a stream of friends bringing food, wine, presents and oohing and ahhing over the unbearable cuteness of Princess Peanut Buttercup.

Tomorrow a new challenge awaits me. My first day home, totally alone, with Lucas and the baby. Oh, and since I'm not supposed to drive my car until Thursday - we will be HOME. All day. If I have one thing in common with Brittany Spears, it's that I just can't stand to stay home.

1978655984_572fd608e6_m.jpgTomorrow also seems as this new milestone for me - tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. How cliche, I know. But really, tomorrow and the days that follow starts how our life is now. No more people coming to stay and help, Jason back to work... real life. Real life as a parent to 2 kids. And while technically I'm still in recovery, starting tomorrow I need to start getting my routine in place and figuring this whole 2 child thing out.

You know, the most important part of the whole thing that I never really thought of during the past 40 weeks...