I underestimated you all a bit. You don't just come around for pictures of the kids, but you all actually care about me also.. hahaha.

Thank you all for asking in my comments about how I am doing. In the world of a newborn the mom is often forgotten as all anyone wants to do is coo over the latest addition. Which is totally understandable since she is SO FREAKING ADORABLE and I'm.. well, a huge mess! The first weeks.. months(?) postpartum are really a mixed bag. On one side you are thrilled with the baby and over the moon with the little feet and hands and tiny, itsy clothes. On the other side of the coin you have, well,  YOU. Your deflated tire belly hanging over your new incision (thank you c-section), recovery from birth, being pregnant and if you are lucky like me - major abdominal surgery, and hormones. Oh, the lovely hormones. Gotta love 'em. Oh, and if you are neurotic and insane like me, the intense need to try and fit into normal clothes and the desire to not look 4 months pregnant and the sheer inability to just relax and be okay with in the fact that I just gave birth.

Yes, it's an interesting time in a woman's life...

I will say that it does seem harder this time around. And yes, I know that this time I have a 3 1/2 year old and YES, I realize that I'm also 3 1/2 years older than last time I did this. But last time definitely was different. I think there is nothing like having your first baby. Everything is new and wonderful and the "babymoon" period seems to last a lot longer - with your spouse and family fawning over you for weeks and weeks. The second time around real life kicks in a bit faster. People go back to work quicker, life for your older child needs to continue on and people just assume you are old pro's at this and that you don't need as much support - mentally and physically. People don't check in on you as often and you are kinda left hanging there, figuring it all out again. Figuring it all out in a state of pure exhaustion. Which, by the way, is WAY worse the 2nd time.

But then you have this:


And this:


and you forget your sore, bleeding nipples and layer of flab around your belly and you are amazingly thankful for everything you have.