Stop me when this gets old

Lucas is just firing them off left and right these days..

Yesterday, Jason was doing something where he was walking through the kitchen while I was on the computer. Lucas was trailing close behind in a never ending stream of dialog and questions about the transformers or batman or superman or spiderman. Questions that when asked of me get the "I don't know, you should ask Daddy!" response.

Jason looked at me, and in a show of excaberation brought on by having to explain to Lucas for the 50th time in the past 20 minutes WHY Batman is a good guy and not a bad guy as Lucas was insisting, stuck out his tongue and kinda made a zerbertish noise.

Lucas stops talking for a moment. Looks at Jason (who just walked outside to get something from the laundry room) then quickly follows him out the door screaming:

"DADDY!! What was that noise you made?! Did you spit?! Did you fart?! Did you break the law?!"