The Smarts

You all may remember the conversation I had with Lucas on Super Tuesday about the voting process.. Continuing on that topic, more adorable Lucas conversation..

scene: car, on the way to the park. Lucas observing the box of maternity clothes I'm shipping off to a friend in Ohio. A box of clothes that I packed up and planned to ship 2 months ago. A box of clothes that finally made it from the corner of my room to the car. A box of clothes that is still in my car, 3 days later.


Lucas: Mama, what's that box?

Me: A box that I need to send to my friend in Ohio.

Lucas: What is Ohio?

Me: It's a different state. Remember we live in the state of California? She lives in the state of Ohio.

Lucas: Oh, In the United States of America?

Me: Yes! Very good! Do you remember what is special about the United State of America?

Lucas: We get to envode!

Me: Yes! We get to vote.. very good, Lucas!

Lucas: Yea, I'm smart.