Like Mother, Like Daughter

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that Zoe is definitely MY daughter. Yes, yes, the whole ripped from my uterus thing should have been proof enough, but in case there were any doubts.. Like me, designer clothes such as Ralph Lauren and DKNY fit her SO much better than Target brands, only the most expensive diapers out there will contain the princess poops, and yes, she shares a great dislike for the scale.

Only my little REFUSINGTOGAINWEIGHT daughter may dislike the scale for the reason that the numbers are not going up, while with me I despise the numbers not going down. But I will say that I did have a moment of motherly pride today when after seeing the numbers not climb the way they should for a little baby who's mother's boob seems to be permanently implanted in her mouth, Zoe expressed her dislike of the scale by immediately peeing all over it.

Which made me want to cry with pride and then sadness - since it caused her to loose another freaking precious ounce.