Trips to the ER are imminent

2322122655_3ea0ff035b_m.jpgFor Lucas' 4th birthday my parents bought him a skateboard. A real deal Baker skateboard. From a real skateboard store, where he picked out the board, and they built it right there for him. Call it stereotypical Southern California living, but our local YMCA offers skateboarding lessons; and since the lessons technically start at 3, we are already a year behind.

I think as parents we throw various activities at our kids, each time wondering if this is the one that is going to stick. Will my child be an amazing artists? Will he be the next Beckham? Is he a musical prodigy? Which one of these talents will my child have.. and more importantly, which natural talent can we parlay into a full College Scholarship?


Do you think Harvard or Berkeley will offer free rides to the future Tony Hawk's of the world?