I actually blog daily.. in my head

Confession. I actually come up with interesting and witty things to blog about, daily, but only in my head. Usually, I come up with these topics, ideas and even whole sentences while driving. Wonderful and insightful thoughts about the differences between our generation and our parents, current events, ideas, plans.. and all posts that DO NOT include the blog cop-out of just posting pictures of my [adorable] kids. The car, while driving, is really the only time I have to think these days. The lull of the motor and the vibration of the movement puts Zoe instantly to sleep, while thanks to the Safety Patrol, Lucas believes one should be quiet(er) in the car.

So driving is MY time. My time to catch-up with friends on the phone and just think. And it is there that I write these fabulous and poignant posts - even entire articles and essays! - in a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque way... just, in my head.

Then I get home, enlightening thoughts still swimming in my head, waiting ever so patiently to be typed into the blogosphere and let go from the confines of my [insanity] head. But before they are able to escape out of my finger tips.... "MOMMY! I want to watch NOGGIN!" "MOMMY! I want a SNNNNACCCKKK!" "WAAAAAAAA!!!" (Zoe-speak for "HUNGRY NOW, BITCH WHERE IS THAT BOOB?") And after the groceries are unloaded and put away, the kid is memorized by the lyrical stylings of Moose A. Moose and Zoe is momentarily not wailing since she is now sucking happily away, all those thoughts.. the interesting and intelligent prose that I had carefully pre-written in my head - GONE. Completely washed away and replaced by the tune of "Critter Comrades" and as I [finally] get a moment of almost silence to sit down to write my masterpiece, my post to end all posts, the post that will be emailed around the world and get me national attention and offers for people to PAY me for my eloquent writing style and maybe even gets me a guest spot on The View, and all I have left is my head is a dull ringing that is desperately trying NOT to sing along to "Some of my very best friends are furry.."