Quieting my brain

Ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love I have been desperately working on "quieting my mind". Maybe it was because before reading that book I either never realized that your mind running at 5000MPH on a regular basis isn't "normal" or that it was possible to stop it.

I'm failing at part two.

My brain is the flipping energizer bunny.

Years ago, when David Faustino was still cute and Christina Applegate was still young, I remember watching this episode of Married...with children where Kelly was learning so much about some things that she forgot BASIC things, like her name.  I don't remember the particulars of the show, but at one point they were saying that Kelly's brain is "like a pitcher of water, when you fill it up and up, some of it is bound to overflow.."

Thats how I feel these days. My mind is overflowing with worries about BPA, rice rationing in the US, inflated gas prices, kids, working, mastitis (OMG THE PAIN), nursing, solid foods, nursing necklaces, Yo Gabba Gabba (THERES A PARTY IN MY TUMMY. SO YUMMY! SO YUMMY!), birthdays, mother's day, points in food, food, nutrition, beach weather, hot, cold, house, dog, Outlook, clients, IM, excel, Twitter, cameras, pictures, who the hell is walking up to my house... huh? What was I talking about? Oh, hi.. how are you?