OLD smacked me in the face

How do you envision yourself? In your head, when you "see" yourself talking to other people, or at a party, how do you "look"? And does that differ from reality?

I guess that I still envision myself younger than I appear or am. I'm the youngest in my group of friends, I know about trends and what's hip, I have a flippin' MySpace page. When I walk through the mall, I think that I look like a young mom. When I'm without my kids I think that people would be "surprised" to hear that I have not one, but TWO kids! I still feel like other people see me as "just starting out"..

Yesterday the reality of this caught up to me.

I worked an event in Pasadena and over the course of the 4 hours I was there, I had about 5 different women tell me I look familiar and do I have kids at soandso school. At first I was laughing that my alter-ego twin lives in Pasadena.. then it hit me. All the women that were saying this, looked old to me. Not super old, but older.. like Moms..like the type of women that with or without their kids, one could tell they were Moms. They were in that stage of their life. And it honestly never occurred to me before yesterday that I fit that category.

Maybe I should stop shopping in the Jr's department?