Change is in the (h)air

I did it. The chippity, chop, chop.2539778249_5cabe239f1_m.jpg 7 inches. 7 inches of hair that needed to just get swept away into the trash since you can't donate hair that has been chemically processed with bleach.

Yes, I am a "natural blond" - or at least I was when I was 16.

I like it. I'm excited that I did it. It was a very needed change and I'm very happy to report that I did not cry after. Yay!

But something was in the air last week, as undiscussed together, 2 of my girlfriends also chopped their hair off. Maybe its the approaching summer months? Maybe we've all been a big stagnant for awhile. While it's drastic for me, I know it's not a huge difference in the grand scheme of life. But hey, baby steps..