3 days

In 3 days I go to Las Vegas for what may be the most highly anticipated (and needed) girls weekend of my life. Anticipated because this has been in the planning now for 7 months and needed because, well as you know, I have a 4 year old and an 8 month old and I work from home. Mama needs to recharge her batteries.

Also because 5 years ago this month, I joined an online community of women all expecting babies in March 2004, and 60 months later, 20 out of 80 of us are converging on Sin City to drink, lay by the pool, shop and hang out IN REAL LIFE. I'm actually one of the lucky few has met a dozen or so of the women on previous occasions, but this is the first time many of us are meeting face-to-face. I mean, I can tell you the names of all these women's husbands, kids, animals, their political views, if they work and what they do and the brand of last pair of jeans they bought. And most of them I've never given a physical hug to.

It's crazy to think about the relationships that we develop online in our communities and how they can touch you in real life. I consider my mommy group, as a whole, my best friends. When I get new make-up or Zoe wont stop crying - these are the people I tell first. I'm thrilled to be meeting some of them this weekend.

Almost as excited as I am for 3 days of not having to give anyone else a snack or a juice box.

Not to turn an anxious note on this heartwarming post, but I'm also leaving Zoe for the (kinda) first time. We did a practice run a few weeks ago when I spent the night at Carin and Hillary's after their bachelorette party, both of us survived. But that was 12 hours, and I was only 30 minutes away. I'm trying not to concentrate on that right now though. She will be in GREAT hands with her Dad for the weekend.. but it's still leaving me a little on the verge of freak out side of the things.

Alas, I'm sure its nothing that a Mandarin Absolute and Red Bull wont help me to forget, right?