Look at me getting all political..

I guess I really need to get off my lazy ass and volunteer for the Obama campaign, and try and make a difference in getting this man elected. I did get an email back from Barak "himself".. kinda. Regardless, he has a plan and is goal is to get it pushed through during his first term. While that may mean that people like me have 4 more years of insurance hell, it also means that people in my situation 4 years from now may not be.

This Time, It's Personal talks a little more about the plans, if you want to educate yourself further...

A very liberal person said to me recently that the situation, that hard working tax paying citizens like us can't get coverage, but the illegal immigrants up the street are able to take full advantage of the programs that our government offers, is enough to make them feel like a redneck, bigot Republican. My response was simple, I hope they DO take advantage of the programs that the state has to offer, because they probably can't afford the $140 it would cost to take their kids to a Dr and get an antibiotic Rx filled... sick children who need to see a Dr and need medicine, yet are going untreated.

Then we both teared up and decided to talk about jeans instead.