It's daunting when you haven't updated your blog in almost 2 months. Do you make excuses? Do you just post as if your last post was yesterday? Is there anyone out there that even cares anymore?

My blogging has gone the way of Twitter and Facebook. My random thoughts are now condensed into 140 characters and my pictures are posted someplace people actually go to see them. Links are more accessable on FB, and I can share and check in with my friends all with one log in. But I do miss my little corner of the internets.

Life has been a bit a bit crazy of late, the kid turned 5, Jason did a career change, I'm busy with work, Zoe still isn't walking but growing a nice head of RED hair, planning a few baby showers, Lucas was sick, Zoe was sick, Jason was sick, went to San Fransisco, I got sick.. you know. LIFE. (I've been inturupted 15 times so far while writing these 2 paragraphs!). Anyway. Hello. And here are a few shots I've taken recently that I'm loving.


View of SF from the top of Lombard Street


Lucas on his 5th birthday

Zoe at the beach