Too Cool

Lucas has been wanting to wear sunglasses to camp. I think some of the other kids, or maybe his "man crush" Cameron (his counselor and current center of his day camp universe) wear them so he's been insisting. No problem, we are a pretty "accessorized" family anyway, so the obsession makes sense. The only problem is the circa-90's Oakleyesque, Spiderman licensed Target pair that he currently has. Now if you are wondering how they even got bought in the first place my response is just "have you been to Target with a 5 year old lately?!" He wants everything from band-aids to plastic guns to ANOTHER huge bouncy ball to a new bike, and you will do anything to just shut them up so you can figure out which deodorant to buy (which seems to be a hard decision recently.. there are soo many.. egh..). Anyway, the Spiderman sunglasses were a moment of "fine, if you will stop asking for anything else" weakness. And, to my fashion-diva-wanna-be horror, he's been wearing them daily.

So the other day while in the kids department I decided to pick him up a pair that I deemed a bit cooler..


But they reminded us of something.. then we started laughing..


Look familiar?