Last year we were invited to an overnight event down closer to home. Normally when we want to escape, we drive the kids to LA and go from there, but circumstances as they were, that was not possible. So we broached the subject with one of our babysitters about an overnight. Very surprisingly, she charged a flat fee that was just about $20 more than a really good afternoon-late night date, but with the bonus of a few hours in the morning with no getting apple juice, changing a diaper or breaking up a fight. So yea, we've now jumped on this a few times. 

Like most parents, I love my kids more than I can even try to express in words, but Jason and I also truly love a night away... re-connect, re-charge, think about ourselves for 24 whole hours. For us, and our relationship, the baby sitting fee and cost of the hotel is worth it 1000x over. And, in a fuzzy math kinda way, I can justify the costs every which way - from it's less than a divorce and WAY less than a DUI or even a cab ride back from downtown San Diego. 

Or in this case, Coronado...


It had been a long few months, and we needed a bit of what the Brit's call a "mini-break". I think it's interesting that over there getting away for a night or weekend is common place, while here it's an extravagance. So with the babysitter booked, Jason and I looked at our options. Closeish. Nice. Relaxing. Since I always say the biggest downfall of living in San Diego is not getting to vacation IN San Diego - we decided on Coronado. 


Most of you are familiar with The Hotel Del Coronado. It's been a long-time dream of mine to stay there, but the problem with San Diego is that we never have an "off season" at the beach, so there is never a deal to be found. Not to mention it's supposed to be haunted, so I'm not sure I want to spend $350 to not sleep all night because I'm worried Ms. Kate will want to party. Further down the Silver Strand is the Lowes Coronado Bay Resort, with no beach but a marina, the fantasy boat owners in us won out this time. 

We check in and hit the marina to rent a little motor boat. Yes, its the middle of winter, but it was actually a beautiful day to be on the bay.

unless, of course, you are the owner of this little catamaran.. then, welll.. you were just awaiting for high-tide.

The day and night away were short-lived, and today it's back to reality and while we were in flip-flops on Saturday, today we are singing in the rain...