January Oranges

It's amazing what winter rain does for us in Southern Cali. First it almost wrecks our never properly prepared infrastructure with power outages and floods, leaving us the laughing stock of the rest of the country who has been snowed under now for 3 months. But when the storm moves east to terrorize the mid-west some more, it leaves us with the most amazing, crisp, bright colors... and a renewed appreciation of why we live in one of the most overvalued housing markets in the country


Yes, this is our backyard. We have our little "orange tree orchard and more birds of paradise than we know what to do with. With just one week of rain, the yard has come alive with color. The plants were so desperate for a good soak, that they all immediately perked up.

Even the weeds on the side of the house and the old brick incinerator/black widow breeding pit/baby death trap in the back looks like almost quaint...


And in very strange way, even the tree bark seemed happy to be out in the sun.


And even stranger... I found a plant that looked oddly familiar growing happily...almost smiling?

I guess everyone was happy to feel the bright sun on their "face".