RE-POST: Sugar Me Timbers - Sugaring Hair Removal at The Encinitas Spa

I'm reposting this entry because of a special, one day deal to The Encinitas Spa today... see below for details..

According to ancient lore, sugaring, as a form of hair removal, became popular thousands of years ago in ancient Arabia. During a time when hygiene was harder to maintain, women in North and East Africa found it easier if they were hair-free from the neck down. Of course, the styles and varying levels of body hair have changed throughout the years, from hairy armpits in the 1960's to Holly Madison's aptly quoted "fur bikini's" of the 1970s and 1980's, you can tell the time period of a woman by the way she wears not only the hair on her head. 

A few week's ago I had the opportunity to try out and adorable little local day-spa, The Encinitas Spa. Nestled close to my ALL TIME favorite Mexican restaurant, El Callejon on South Coast Hwy 101 and Encinitas Blvd, Suzanne taught me all about the benefits of sugaring hair removal over what is now the "traditional" waxing. 

With her brand new day-spa, Suzanne plans for the spa to specialize in, and become known for, sugaring. So, what's the hype? Well, according to the all knowing internets, sugaring has the following benefits:


  • Pulls with the hair's natural growth which means it will hurt less than traditional waxing techniques.
  • Can remove shorter hairs so you'll be smoother longer.
  • Longer lasting, means fewer visits.
  • Pulling with natural growth also means fewer to no ingrown hairs. 
  • After service skin has no bumps with mild to no redness.

Now, I won't tell you that it doesn't hurt. It's hair removal via yanking out small hairs on a sensitive area, it will hurt, but honey, BEAUTY IS PAIN. Get over it. And if you have sensitive skin, it does treat your skin much better than waxing. 

So, here is the deal. Buy With Me is doing a special with Encinitas Spa - $25 for this normally priced $65 treatment {sorry this deal is no longer}. Plus Encinitas Spa offers an interesting monthly $39 monthly Brazilian Membership, which really helps you to maintain whatever "hair style" you chose. Or if a facial is what you need, the Buy with Me deal is also offering an $85 facial for just $45!

Go forth! Venture! Try something new! And if needed, you can always treat yourself to a house margarita at El Callejon post-sugar.