The progression of the Turquoise Room – Making it Zebratastic with a rug from Mohawk Home

Photo by Petula Pea PhotographyLast week I showed off my new, bright wall.  While the couch and the wall look amazing in that room, something I may have failed to note is that’s all that’s in that room. And yes, I realize the wall doesn’t count as something “in” the room. Details.

I’m going slowly in the decorating process. Moving to a house 2.5x larger than your previous abode means you have to go in stages to get things done. Also, if you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome like I do, you may get distracted with other areas, or events, and just live with a painted wall and a couch and call it a decorated room.

When it comes to the Turquoise Room (whose new name is only slightly less strip club sounding than its previous name of “The Chandelier Room”) I have a very exact vision of what I want it to be. I want it to be high(er) design - an adult room.  A room that hosts people over 4 ½ feet tall in style and comfort. I want people to leave my house and comment, “Wow, I loved that room…” Yes, I want to make you jealous of my fabulous, precisely decorated room. And at the rate I’m going, it will be ready to make you green with envy sometime in 2015.

As you may have noticed in the pictures of the new house and the Turquoise Room, we have a large expanse of travertine tile floors. Cold and hard to clean, they are begging for rugs. For the past 5 years I’ve been obsessing over a Zebra rug. In fact when during one of my first visits to this house I fantasized about a beautiful Zebra rug adorning one of the floors of a downstairs room. As if the angels were listening to my pleas (or arguments with Jason over how much I was going to spend on said Zebra rug), a few weeks ago I got an email from a representative from Mohawk Home asking me if I wanted to review a rug. And guess which style was available for review? Seriously, it was kismet.

Soon after, an 8x10 100% nylon Zebra patterned rug called Watamu, showed up at my house.... and I fell ever so deeply in love.

While I was a little nervous that the color (it's actually shades of beiges and browns instead of a traditional black and white) wouldn’t be right, it’s actually perfect. And while I will continue to desperately try to claim this room as one for adults only, the more neutral tones in this rug means the kids can play on it and people can walk across it and I don’t have to worry about staining the bright white parts. And the best part? This rug is totally affordable, with the 8x10 size retailing for under $450 (not to mention it’s on sale right now at Kohl’s for under $250!)


I’m giving one away.

One lucky reader will be able to share the love of Zebra print with me with their very own Watamu rug courtesy of Mohawk Home.

Here are the 2 simple steps to enter:

1) Visit - click on your favorite retailer that sells Mohawk rugs and doormats. Pick one and in the Comments let me know which one you would ask Santa (Or Hanukah Harry) for. Please include a link so we can all oohhh and aaaahhh over your choice.

2) “Like” Mohawk Home on Facebook 

Want a few bonus entries?

If you want to throw your name in the random hat another more time – Tweet this:

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Entries will be accepted through MIDNIGHT PST on 11/23/2010. Winners will be selected via on 11/24/10.

Good Luck and may your dreams be in Zebra print!