Pucker Up, Buttercup

Did you know that lipstick is actually a pretty accurate economic indicator? I find this tid-bit fascinating, but so true. In times or war, depression or uncertainty, when budgets are low and women need to lift their spirits, they turn to lipstick. An indulgence that gives you a new look, makes you feel good about yourself, but that you can justify a helluva' lot easier than a $700 pair of Christian Louboutin platforms. Which, if you have discovered a justification for a work at home mom who's main activities include Target and shuttling to karate classes to purchase Louboutin's, please please let me know. I beg you. 

So while I've been obsessing casually thinking about the Chanel clogs and flipping through magazines to help me find a decent alternate, another Chanel product has been enticing my must-have-now senses, The new Channel Coco Rouge lipstick collection.


These ads, featuring the stunning Vanessa Paradis, have been in every magazine this month promoting these HOT new lipsticks. Originally scheduled for a March release, Chanel actually upped the release date to just last week and, at least according to the sales lady at my Ghetto Mall Macy's, they have been flying off the shelves. (*please note, the Macy's and the Gap at the Ghetto Mall are 2 of the best of those chains in the county, the mall itself and the stores surrounding the Gap and Macy's are what is quite, well, ghetto. But I say that in the most loving way possible).

Walking into Macy's and being the super informed shopper I am, I told the lady "I want the color in the ad" - and she whipped out one of the last of her two in-stock Mademoiselle colored tubes.

Here is the thing.. when was the last time you bought a LIPSTICK? We are of the "lipgloss generation" starting in our teens with our tubes of sticky, sparkly vials of Wet 'n Wild we would smother our lips in, to the popular "Juicy Tubes", lipglosses have been a staple in make-ups bags of women around the country for years and years.. lipsticks, well.. there was the year in the '90's that everyone I knew wore MAC's Twig with the Spice liner.. (now actually being displayed in a show about the "VINTAGE 1990's." Sigh. DEPRESSING.) but for the most part it's been all gloss all the time. *Scary side note, I still have the Stella Jane color lipstick I wore (under gloss, lol) on my WEDDING DAY 10 almost years ago in my bathroom drawer. I can't bring myself to toss it.. may have to put it in a shadow box or something.

Chanel is trying to change that. They are looking to "reinvent" the lipstick with this new formula. 

This lipstick is expected to attract young ladies as well as women, who enjoy using lip-gloss. Chanel Coco Rouge is forecasted to become a real revolutionary lipstick. First of all, this product has a nourishing formula with effective moisturizing components and phyto-ceramides. Second of all, the lipstick has uniquely smooth and volumizing texture, which was previously achievable only with lip-gloss formulas. 


Of COURSE, I bought it... tho slightly jealous that I didn't get it gifted in a gorge tote bag - {what Chanel PR peeps? You've never heard of HipMamaB?! ;-) } .. and it is beautiful. It's soft and this color is really a perfect combo of neutral and put together. At $30 it still is a bit of a splurge, but WAY more justifiable than the clogs or platforms... and add in the cost per wear? It's practically free!