It's my party...1 week out and things are getting SWEET

Mistake #1 : Asking for "regrets only" on the RSVP.

Reasoning behind is that NO ONE RSVPs anymore. So I thought it would make it easier - just let me know if you are coming. But some people RSVPed No, others said "Yes" others.. nothing. So.. Hmm. I have no clue how many people are coming. Somewhere between 10 - 40. LaLaLa

This week is all about putting things together. I've picked up some fun items like these plate, napkins, table cloths and pink plastic trays from Target...

I think they will go perfectly with my theme... as will these..

A gift from my mom! Thanks, Mommy!

My friend Carol sent me a link to pictures from a black and white wedding photo shoot that I'm so totally going to steal from:

Photo from E. Leigh Photography

I'm going to get some oreos, merengines, and attempt to make Bakerella's cake pops and macarons... Additionally I'm going to get some cupcakes (whheeee!) and maybe some other delish little desserts. 

Wish me luck!