Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few things that have have just made my day a little (or a lot) brighter. Sometimes you just have to focus on the simple things...

Happy thing #1: Shiny, clear glasses 

PET PEEVE: My glasses were coming out of the dishwasher all white and chalky. I changed the type of soap I used, added more Jet Dry, nothing helped. So I went online and did a little research and found that this is actually a combination of hard water stains and using too much detergent in your dishwasher. Most of the sites mentioned that you should only use powder detergent, and then only use 1/2 of the recommended amount. WHO KNEW?! Additionally, every site also suggested using Lemi-Shine to solve the problem.

Since I will try (almost) any piece of advice once, and since they had it at my local Target (right there too, how I had never noticed it before was baffling) I bought it. 

On the bottle it says to use 1/2 powder, 1/2 Lemi-Shine - so we did. I will say that it took 2-3 washings, but now my glasses are sparkling. And while I sound like a 50's housewife commercial, I'm actually super excited about it and smile every time I pull out a sparkly, clear cup to use. 

Happy Thing #2: Not having to go to my Dr's office!

My sister-in-law Heather has told me about the clinics in her local grocery store for years, but for some reason this idea took awhile to make it to Southern California.  

Recently, I had cause to use one - I needed a simple Rx ASAP. My PCP suggested urgent care since he couldn't squeeze me in, but we all know that urgent care is anything BUT urgent. Not to mention it's about 15 miles away. AND for some reason is $100 co-pay. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. Then I remembered seeing something about the "minute clinics" at CVS. 

Low and behold, my local CVS has one and even more shocking - they take our insurance so it was only my normal Dr. visit co-pay. I was in and out with meds in hand in 35 minutes. I normally WAIT 35 minutes to see my doctor. This actually really excited me for a few reasons - it was quick and easy for me and it will be quick and easy with the kids. Also, from a larger view point, clinics like this can really help the Health Care issue in this country. Knowing from experience, an out of pocket Dr's appt would have cost $100 for the visit and additional $50 or so for any lab tests. This place offers a range of services (with basic lab work that they can do in the office) for a flat rate. Easier. Cheaper. What is not to love?

Happy Thing #3: Clothes. Of course.

Spring. Spring. Spring. Suddenly I want a little color, I want something a little lighter, a little flowier. Thank GAWD for It's a Luv Thing.  I know I talk so much about this store that you are all bored to death of it, but really, I love this store. I think I wear an item purchased there daily. A t-shirt, necklace, hat, shorts... it's so my happy place. 

<--- This shirt, over there to the left. I have 3 of them now. I'm pretty much just alternating between colors at this point. It's just so casual and cute. Looks great with jeans or sweats or shorts or a long skirt. Really, I've worn it will all of the above.

If you have seen me in the past 2 weeks (or plan to see me in the next few weeks) there is a good chance I will be wearing this shirt.

And I may even being wearing it with my new lululemon reversible Wonder Unders


Oh yes, I do have a bit of a Lulu addiction. I admit that. But since Juicy Suits have been deemed passe what is a girl to wear if she wants to just be uber casual, comfy and stylish? Oh, and with the good intention of going to the gym? (Gym, gym, remember the gym...)

I'll be honest here, since I work from home, I wear Lululemon daily. I get up, I brush my hair and I figure out which pair is clean (or, on some days, the least dirty) put on a tank top or t-shirt and voila! Dressed for the day. I can wear my Lulu's daily and always feel like I look good. And if I can escape to work out, even better since I'm already dressed. 

While I normally wear a looser yoga-type pant (my FAVE being the Be Still), this year I've become used to wearing tighter legged pants (skinny jeans, leggings, etc) so moving to a fitted pant was a natural transition. The Wonder Unders are fantastic. The fit is great and just like all Lulu pants, I swear they make me look 5lbs lighter. I've been wearing them with a looser, little longer tank or t and they are perfect for pilates or picking up Lucas from school. And being that they are reversible (gray and black) it's like 2 pants in 1.

If you haven't splurged on lulu's yet, JUST DO IT. (er, Hmm.. using the tagline of one athletic company to promote another...yikes) But really, people. Lululemon is to athletic wear what Seven Jeans are to denim - at first you are horrified by the price and say you will never do it, then you realize the quality and fit is SO much better that you break down and by a pair and then you are hooked and before long the thought of spending $100 on work out pants barely phases you. Hey, don't hate the player - hate the game.

Embrace it. Love it.


*oh and just to mention - none of these are product placements. They are all MY buys and finds. No freebies have been given or taken. No deals struck. No shiny new cars magically appeared in my driveway. And no children or animals were harmed in anyway. #Justsaying