Delicious Dish

Jason and I are self proclaimed "foodie wanna-bes". We love food. We love to eat and we love to go out and enjoy a good meal. I guess the wanna-be part is due to the fact that we are not snobby about it as I think "foodies" are. Sometimes we are just as happy with a $5 burrito from Roberto's as we are with a $100 meal from a "top restaurant". 

Each week we watch Top Chef or Top Chef masters in awe of what's going down in those kitchens. Amazed by the transformation that food can take under the right hands. And each week when they list the restaurants and locations in Southern California we think "Why haven't we been there?!"

I grew up in LA and my parents still live there. While family togetherness is nice, let's be honest, my parents just want to see the kids. And do things like feed them cookies before dinner and let them stay up until 10 watching TV. While I may curse this the next morning when my over tired, oversugarded kidlet is throwing his/her fifth tantrum of the morning, it's a special bond that my parents have created with my kids..and one that we appreciate greatly. It also allows Jason and I to have a very valuable "free night out". See? A win-win situation for everyone involved. This past weekend we were up in LALALand to see an old friend and Jason and I decided that one-by-one, we are going to hit all of the Top Chef Master's restaurants. First on the list was Mark Peele - and we had two choices Capanile or his new place, the Tar Pit Bar.

I think the Tar Pit Bar won out mainly for the animal characters on it's menu.

I kid. Actually the term "supper club" and "bar cum restaurant" was the interest peaking points for us. And it was a delicious choice. The Art-Deco inspired atmosphere was perfectly put together and the signiture cocktail list was interesting and mouth-watering at the same time. I opted for a champagne cocktail and seriously may have squealed out loud when it was delivered to the table in a vintage saucer glass. 

I'm a tapas kinda girl - and when socially acceptable always choose multiple apps over a main course, which is encouraged at this eatery. Everything I read talked about the duck sliders, which were nothing like I imagined them to be. They were actually sweet and melted in your mouth. I could have had 3 orders of them to myself. We also shared steak tartare and fried artichoke that were equally amazing. As a "main course" Jason ordered the streak and kidney pie and I ordered the Lobster bisque.. oh, and an order of that huge plate of French Fries that kept passing our table. Every item was delicious, unique and flavorful in it's own way.

We felt as if we ate like kings and were actually surprised at the bill in the end - mentally thinking it was going to be a good $30 more than it was. For the past two days all I can think about are those duck sliders... and how I want to yell "GIT IN MA BELLY" to them as I caress them ever so gently.

I guess we need to go back soon.