Random Monday

Just some random thoughts to start off the week...

* Are there exercises I can do to strengthen my feet/ankles back into wedge/heel wearing shape? 

Do your kids miss you so horribly after a few days apart that they really feel the best way to show you this is to punish you with tantrums and melt downs and eye rollings, or are they just acting normal and it seems worse because you had a blessed 2 days off?*

* Does beer taste better these days, or had I just not had really good beer until recently?

Biggest pet peeve: A crappy mani/pedi...*

*Thinking that before we move, I'm going to paint one wall of the kitchen and my closet. Thinking of doing my closet Tiffany blue with white shelves. Thinking that would make me very happy every morning and help to ease my daily clothing crisis. And yes, the closet is big enough to paint. {SQUEE}

Packing kinda sucks...4.5 years and 2 kids means you have accumulated a lot mess o' crap.*

*Screw cookies and milk. Cookies and Chardonnay is where it's at.