The other thing I got goin' on over there?

Yes, I was a bit absent from this URL in December. Yes, its my month of hate... but the real reason I didn't do much over here, was because I was busy birthing Baby #3. Before you squeal CONGRATS and ask to send pink or blue knitted blankets, Baby Three is a new blog... The San Diego MOMfia

While it's not all me, Theresa (@rockonmommies) and I co-founded (co-birthed?) the site in effort to bind the fabulous group of bloggers we are lucky enough to call friends here in San Diego. Mary (@MamaMaryShow) had this fabulous idea for all to sing a song to Tiffany & Co. - she wrote it and her hubbie edited and produced it. Tiffany gave us a beautiful ornament to gift to one lucky reader and an idea formed... "What if we can get a few giveaways to launch the site?" This idea quickly turned into 15 days of giveaways and a whole lotta' work. 

But SO. Totally. Worth. It. 

So, occasionally, in-lieu of time and creativity, I may point you over there ---->

Like right now! To read all about the product that saved my lips!