My fave new products under $10


In this double-dip recession, belts are still tight and income is still at a loss. Many of us have been forced to look at where our money goes and where we can maybe reign it in a little. But we still need to take care of ourselves and look good.

One of the ways I've cut back over the past year is on the purchase of products. Looking at my drawers you would never be able to tell (thanks, BlogHer!) but I'm (sigh) no longer a Sephora-Whore and I've trained myself to walk right by the new MAC make-up store at my local mall. Little changes here and there add up, but they've also introduced me to things I really love that I may not have looked at before.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express (Flared)  

Maybelline just makes a great mascara. I know that their basic pink/green Great Lash is always tops on make-up artists' lists, but this one takes my cake. I do think it makes my lashes look longer and fuller. As for the "flared", the design of the brush is said to take your lashes up and out - flaring them as if you had on false eyelashes. I've gotten tons of compliments on my lashes since I've started using this, and its just enough to dab on before going to work-out or school drop off to look presentable and not too made up.

Beauty Rush by Victoria's Secret - Luminous Bronzer and Wet Dry Eyeshadow (in Smokin')

 A few days ago I dropped my favorite Bobbi Brown gray/stone eyeshadow and it shattered into a gazillion pieces. I was mourning its loss and due to the love that I have for that eyeshadow was planning a trip to the mall to replace it. Before that happened, I was standing in line at Victoria's Secret and while waiting going through their 2 for $12 bins of make-up when I saw the eyeshadow in the color "smokin." And because I'm a sucka' for all things BOGO, I also grabbed the bronzer. I've been wearing both daily since.

Dry, the shadow is shimmery and light and when wet it creates a dramatic line. It stays on nicely and it also blends well. The bronzer is also perfect for me. With the gold undertones and I feel like it gives me a "kiss" of sun without looking like I spent 3 weeks in a tanning bed.

E.L.F Shimmering Eye Liner Pencil (Gunmetal)

In all honesty, I bought this pencil for Halloween. I was planning elaborate make-up for both Zoe and I and in a last minute Target rush I picked this up because it was ONE DOLLAR.

And if Zoe smeared it all over her face I wouldn't care - because it was ONE DOLLAR. Surprise, surprise, I really like this pencil. I've been wearing it a lot. It goes well with the Smokin' eyeshadow and it's not a hard line around my eyes but makes it sparkle. And, did I mention it was ONE DOLLAR.

Emi Jay Hair Ties

I always laugh that different workouts require different styles of workout wear. While Lululemon is always a staple, over at The Dailey Method (my latest workout craze) they have a Lulu/Hard Tail combo look that is perfect for the moves we do but also cute enough to walk around in. Sitting on the counter, right next to the sign-in form are these Emi Jay Hair ties and Headbands, and while at first they look like a fabric just tied together, I started to notice them in everyone's hair and HAD to have one. Or two. And maybe a headband...

With a huge celebrity following like Jennifer Anniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, they are one of the hottest trends in hair accessories at the moment. The main reason? They don't leave that dent in your hair when you take down your pony at the end of your class. And if your one of those girls who used to wear scrunchies around your wrist, you will LOVE these as they almost look like some hip new bracelet when you put them on your arm. Now when I work out, I need my hair out of my face. I've tried EVERY headband out there and all of them slip on my baby-fine hair. I don't know why, but these don't. I heart these hair bands.

Do you have a new favorite product under $10? Share your obsession with me...