Tumbling along

As if I'm not spread too thin already, I recently opened a Tumblr account. Why? Simple, I wanted a quick and easy place to put links to my articles, random pictures and ask silly questions. 

Over on www.MOMfiaInc.com I cover many different topics. But that's a business and I treat it like one.

Over on La Costa Life I write about things in my own back yard - this is a paid gig, so there is standard I need to meet. 

Here, in these parts, I tend to talk more about personal things like the kids, obsessions and thoughts. But a lot about the personal side of me. 

Twitter is short and concise. 

Facebook is... well, you know my feelings on Facebook.

So that leaves Tumblr. Links, pics, questions. Short and Sweet. Maybe even a little raw.

So visit me there sometime, won't you?