I gotsta' keep on moving...

So yes, the shoemakers children have no shoes

In the past two months, I've written more blog posts than in the past year. But as you see, none of them for this site. A few of the posts I've written have even been front and center on major industry web sites, but of course, those are the ones that I can't really take credit - only a paycheck - for. Pretty much I'm a writing machine these days... alas, none of them are posted here.. on my little shoeless baby blog.

You never write! You never visit! When did my blog turn into a Jewish mother?

But yes, it's true. I don't. 

This working from home with kids running around this is really way more difficult that it looks. It's almost near impossible to write coherent sentences with the theme song from the latest Barbie movie blasting in the background. Have you ever tried to answer emails while dishing out juice boxes and snacks every 10 minutes? Many days I find it even impossible to form multiple sentences that flow together. My ADD becomes very apparent when I'm talking to someone and in the process of telling them a story, I interrupt myself to tell them something else that I just thought of and didn't want to forget to tell them. 

But yes. The Blog. No Shoes. Jewish Mother. Blah.

So yea. 

How've you been?