How Twitter Killed My Oscar Party

I LOVE the Academy Awards. LOVE. Normally, I start planning my viewing weeks in advance... quirky menu, Best Picture Nomination themed decor, boas and tiaras.... One year I even made fondant gold star cupcakes to go with "golden age of movies" theme. The main part of the menu is always the same though: Pizza and Champagne. 

Why pizza and champagne you ask? Well, WHY NOT?

It was actually a tradition from my youth. My mom would order pizza and pop some bubbly (for her) and we would sit and watch the endless parade of sparkling dresses. When I moved away Oscar night meant talking for hours on the phone with my mom over the dresses...have I mentioned that I LOVE the Oscars?

Soon after Jason and I got married I started the Oscar Party tradition amongst our group of friends. Young and child-free Jason and I had seen all the movies, and I ALWAYS won the Oscar pool. We would get together that one Sunday afternoon and drink champagne and eat pizza and giggle and make up the porn version of the movies name... good times. Good times.

Then one year I had this great idea to "Live Blog" the walk-in part. Yes little bloggy friends, before Twitter we live blogged. That year our friends were hosting the annual P&C bash, and it took me a good 30 minutes to get onto their 2005 wireless network. And let's not even mention the snarky comments from the non-blogger friends.

As the years and number of kids increased, the parties became harder and harder. We were lucky to see one of the (non-cartoon) nominated movies and needed to head home to get the kids in bed before the Best Picture was even announced. As life with kids is...things got harder and a lot less fun. 

And then came savior or my IRL social life downfall? Now I can sit on my couch, in my sweats with my whole own bottle of champagne and share my snark/admiration/exclaimtion/love/OHHHS!/Ahhhs! with the world via my little iPhone. No decorations or proper underwear needed - It's just me and my Twitterverse. 

But I will admit - I miss my pizza and champagne partners. I miss the real life, real-time excitement of the Oscar pool. And while I love my tweeple, I also miss my friends

So damn you Twitter for ruining my Oscar party.

But - don't worry, I will still be tweeting away on Sunday.