BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale!

There are two things that get me excited: Wine and Sales. Put the two together and it's like Christmas morning!

Now, before I continue, I classify wine in a few different ways... I love wine, and I LOVE a super delicious bottle, but it's rare that I buy them. I am more of a "cheap wine connoisseur" and I do believe that good wine, unlike good jeans, doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg. My general classification is as such:

REALLY NICE bottles: 
On our racks and not drunk until a certain date. Saved for special occasions or when I want to impress someone.

GOOD Bottles: 
Good to bring over for casual dinners at friends houses.  

Wednesday Night/2nd - 3rd bottle in a dinner party Bottles:
The bottle you bring out for a Wednesday night pasta dinner or when it's Girls Night In and you are all in sweats. Or after you are 2 bottles into a NICE or GOOD bottle at a dinner party and no one can taste the difference anymore.

I shop the BevMo 5 cent sale for the latter; Good finds that are above my normal Wednesday night wine before the sale, but party in my tummy, during. But if you are like me, you walk into BevMo and get distracted... {so many choices... what about.. oh, shiny light...} So I've put together a quick list of my fave finds for the current sale going on now through March 20th. Keep in mind, I'm no where near an expert, but found this brands to be good for the money.

HipMamaB's BevMo 5 cent Sale Picks:

 Cupcake Brut Rose Pinot Noir

88 PTS WILFRED WONG. Impressive effort and a great deal from France, the lively, yet gentle Cupcake Brut Rose is fresh with open-knit, strawberry flavors; ripe and roundish in the aftertaste.

$12.99 (2nd bottle .5 cents)


 Zynthesis Zinfandel '09

91 PTS WILFRED WONG. Hypnotizingly delicious, the black-fruited '09 Zynthesis Old Vine Zinfandel packs the palate with enticing and lasting richness; long finish.

$16.99 (2nd bottle .5 cents!)


 Gina Chardonnay '09

88 PTS WILFRED WONG. A classic Napa Valley Chardonnay, the ripe and rounded '09 Gina Chardonnay offers layered textures and flavors of apples and cream; smooth in the finish

$14.99 (2nd bottle .5 cents!)


 Irony Chardonnay '09

87 PTS WILFRED WONG. Easy-to-enjoy, the soft-spoken, ripe-fruited '09 Irony Chardonnay simply drinks well; give this one a nice chill and simply sip away; great as a "chill" down cocktail wine.

$15.99 (2nd bottle .5 cents!)


 Main Street Chardonnay '08

87 PTS WINE SPECTATOR. The '08 Main Street Chardonnay has an elegant style, with delicate peach and melon flavors that are pure, medium-weight and intense without being heavy.

$12.99 (2nd bottle .5 cents!)



So head on out and stock-up! Carpe Vino!