Spa La Costa and the SDMOMfia's Spa Social

Friday night was the event we SDMOMfia Mamas have been planning for months...200 women lounging in robes and bathing suits, enjoying drinks, food and a beautiful spring night at Spa La Costa at the La Costa Resort

I kept an eye on the weather all week. Two weeks before it was raining. The week before it was chilly. But by Wednesday of event week the sun was shining, the sky was blue and temps were climbing. And by Friday? Pure. Weather. Perfection. 

Now there is La Costa Resort and then there is the Spa La Costa. The resort, which is finishing up a major renovation, is one of my favorite recommendations for people to stay when they come to visit us - especially with kids. The grounds are stunning, the newly remodeled rooms are fantastic and the pools are beautiful. Honestly, when I need to mentally go to my happy place, it's poolside at La Costa on an 80 degree day with a fruity drink in my hand. 

But the Spa...the spa is on a different level. It's in a different area of the property than the main pools, making it secluded and quiet...unless you have about 200 of your closest blogging/twittering/facebook ladies sipping champagne, and munching on sliders and lobster sandwiches... 

Regardless, my obsession with Spa La Costa is known. So when the Spa La Costa team came to the SDMOMfia a few months back and said they wanted to host us for a fabulous event, it was hard to contain our excitement. Remember going on a first date, being so excited about it that you're worried that you look desperate? Yeah. We honestly were so excited about this event that we had to check ourselves a few times. And just like a good first date, the more we met with them, the more we talked to them, the more we LOVED them. After 12 years of marketing, PR and events, I have to say that I have NEVER had a more enjoyable work experience than dealing with the people at La Costa. 

At first, the Spa Social event was going to be an intimate event with about 50 people. When that "sold out" in a day, we went back and asked about making the event a little bigger. La Costa was thrilled and we upped the number to 100. When those tickets were gone the next week, we sat down and re-evaluated once again.... next thing we knew we had 200 ladies RSVP'ed and even a few more on a waiting list. 

The event itself went off amazingly. A bunch of people won prizes ranging from a weekend at Rancho Las Palmas (a sister resort in Palm Desert) to Starbucks gift cards to passes to Legoland. We even raised money for a local non-profit, Home Start, with their Quarters Count initiative, helping them get a little closer to reaching their goal of raising $1million to help prevent child abuse in San Diego. And while the intention was just a wonderful relaxing evening that introduced all the fabulous new spa treatments and the remodeled spa area, the night turned into so much more.... 

Theresa, Stefanie and I have been working our booties off to make the SDMOMfia something different, something fabulous and new. A network of women that blog, that tweet, that facebook or that are just amazing MOMS...and Friday night was a perfect example of how our hard work and dedication is coming together...and creating something wonderful. 


And yes, now it's time for a group hug and a round of Kum-ba-ya.