Need of the Moment: White Jeans

I NEED new white jeans. NEED. Not want. It's summer and while I've been wearing my same old pair for weeks now, they are a little big and don't fit me quite the way I want to. But the choices are endless. Do I go skinny, boot cut or wide legged? Ankle length or capri? What is the best option to get me through the summer and fall?

Here is the flared/wide leg option. Only really good with big wedges. And while I love big wedges, I'm not sure how practical they are for me and my life on a regular basis. But I do love how long they make your legs look.

The skinny ankle length white jeans. So perfect with wedges or flats. Looks clean and crisp. Professional yet also hip. But I'm not a 5'10 100 lb model - will they look that great on me?

This picture is just pure perfection. Funny thing was yesterday I wore my old white jeans and a hot pink tank top and got tons of compliments. But apparently now I also need a purple bag and matching flats. 

And a chambray shirt. 

Forget Calgon - Nordstrom take me away!