My digital kids: A look into the future of toys with Nukotoys

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As some of you may know, MaryTheresa and I take a hip-hop class together at the studio where our daughters take dance classes. Last month they added in a Thursday morning class, right after the youngest girls’ ballet class. Wanting to partake in the killer workout our teacher D Luckie gives, we set up the girls in the back of the room with things to keep them entertained while we mamas got our sweat on. At one point we looked back and just started laughing. They were watching a movie on an iPad while simultaneously holding little plastic princesses in one hand and their moms’ iPhones in the other. This, my friends, is the future of play.

We all joke that the iPhone has become Mama’s favorite babysitter. Whether you are at a restaurant, in the dressing room at Nordstrom or shopping at Trader Joes, an iPhone can offer MUCH needed distraction for the kids. Like it or not, this is how it is these days. My 3 year old can navigate the iPhone better than my father, and she’s not alone in this. Generation Z (kids of us Gen Xers) are “digital natives” – meaning they have not known a time without internet, mobile phones, texting and digital music players. And even scarier, they associate the Internet usage with mobile phones as equally as they do with a home computer. My 7 year old will have an iPhone before we know it – and if Mark Zuckerberg gets his way, he’ll also have a Facebook profile before he sprouts armpit hair. Do you fight it…or do you just adapt to it?

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Jason and I are lucky to be proud members of Nukotoys Parents@Play, so we will be talking more about the cool games and apps launching this fall. Check out the other Parents@Play!

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