Blog Hop: 25 things you may not know about me

My first thought when Christine announced this on her site the other day was: "I think everyone knows everything about me." But then I took it as a bit of challenge... can I come up with 25 things that you may not know about me??? Maybe, maybe not. But let me try...

  1. My favorite wine is Chardonnay. Red wines make me stuffy, especially when I'm taking a lot.
  2. I once went to a party at Alan Thicke's house. Robin Thicke was the little brother of my friend's boyfriend who spent the entire night on the piano.
  3. My college car was a 1984 Datsun ZX with the leveler blind things on the back window. Men used to come up to me at random places and pet my car telling me stories of when they owned that same car in the 80's. It was kinda creepy. 
  4. The fastest I've ever driven was in that car, when I clocked in at 115 miles per hour on the desolate highway that you take to get to Laughlin Nevada from the 15 at around midnight during spring break. Yup. I was smart.
  5. I spent New Years Eve 1996 in the dirtiest club in TJ. I stumbled home across the boarder. Yup. I was smart. 
  6. I met Jason in 1997 while working at Sea World. He was my boss. I got a promotion.
  7. To this day we credit our friend Marcy with hiring me. On another note, she ended up marrying another Sea World employee that was her subordinate. Hey, it was a different time back then in the 90s.
  8. This you know if you've ever had the pleasure of standing behind me when I bend over in low waisted jeans - I have a dolphin tattoo on my upper right hand butt cheek. My friend Maria V has the same tattoo - same place - also discovered by bending over in her True Religion jeans.
  9. My favorite scent when I was 18 was the combination of Bath and Bodyworks Apple Blossom lotion and Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers perfume.
  10. I worked at the Guess? store from 18-21. I regularly wore cowboy boots and blazers.
  11. The first thing I look at on men is their shoes. 
  12. With women I check out hair, handbag, rings then shoes.
  13. Birds hate me.
  14. I 100% regret never living in New York City in my 20's.
  15. I hate my handwriting and my voice.
  16. My favorite movies of all time are The Princess Bride and the Big Blue.
  17. The first boy I kissed went on to win a Grammy.
  18. I've met a Beatle. And? I didn't know who he was.
  19. I have small looking feet. In actuality they are average, but they look small. That, my friends is exciting.
  20. I now think better in 140 characters than in long sentences.
  21. I love Barbie Dolls and still have 2 in boxes that Zoe is not allowed to touch.
  22. I'm the best person EVER to go shopping with.
  23. I lived in a house with a ghost. (okay, that's cheating. You all know that, but this is hard and that is SUCH a good story.)
  24. I was an extra in the movie Newsies, filmed on the Universal Studios backlot.
  25. In 1996 I was on the "All New Dating Game" with Tom Bergeron. I was a Bachelorette, and I was chosen. And no, we never went out on the date. 

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