Random Monday

Random Thoughts for a Monday:

Revenge of the breast pad:

This weekend I actually threw away about 25 disposable breast pads. Not so random, except that I haven't nursed in about 3 years - and I moved last year. So, yes. I actually packed, moved and unpacked and put away old breast pads that I had no need for.


I have a Mac with iCal, an iPhone, an iPad and synced google calendars on all of them ... and I couldn't stay organized. After using a few paper reminder items from the Blue Sky company, I actually went out and bought a paper planner again. Some things are not easier with technology.


Saturday night we went to a wine bar who's weekend specialty is gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. I have now decided that wine, charcuterie and a grilled cheese sandwich may be all I need to take me to my happy place. 


It seems that in my life, someone or something always need to be fed. The fish, the kids, the dog, the newt, the kids, the husband... someone around me is always looking to eat. No wonder I'm not a size 2, even though blood worms really are not my thing. 


Last week I posted on MOMfia about Fall nail trends... tons of fun things to do with your nails this season. But the one I didn't mention is trend I apparently propagated. A few weeks ago, my friend Juli had on glitter nail polish. I commented on it's cuteness and she said the best part about it was that you didn't need to do it perfectly for it to look good. Coming off a gel mani I picked off myself (BAD BETH, BAD!) I needed something to make my nails not look so disastrous. Stopping at ULTA I picked up Sally Hansen's gold glitter polish "set the stage" to try out. The glitter is big, and goes on kinda spotty. I honestly couldn't tell if it looked totally lame or super cool, but I was desperate and I went with it. I got MORE compliments on my nails than I had in 5+ years of pricey manis. Then my friend Maria started wearing it, then my friend Fawn... then Maria's neighbor... Moral of the story? I may have more style than I give myself credit for. 

Birthday Parties:

Each of my kids have had birthday parties for each birthday, their entire lives. I get crazy. I get obsessive. I go overboard. Because of this, I've determined that niether are having parties this year - but instead get to do something that they really want to do. Zoe wants to go the American Girl Doll store in LA, get a Kanani doll and have tea at the store with her best friend. She's probably fine with it, but me? It's KILLING me to be planning a party for her this year. Oh well, the Kanani doll and lunch at the AG store will probably cost just as much.