Yes. My 4 year old got a "manicure" AND plays with my iPhone.

It''s Monday. It's a full moon. It's time for a little rant. 

Zoe is a girly girl. While I'm sure my penchant for hot pink, make-up, shopping and earrings have something to do with it, she is who she is. She's kissy, and huggy and want to brush my hair and put on lip gloss. She also notices things - new shirts, hair cuts and nail polish...and if you want a glimpse of what she will be like at 16, all you need to do is take her to ULTA. It's actually almost scary. 

For her 3rd birthday I let her get her nails painted at the kids salon. A few month later out of sheer desperation of needing a manicure and having no other time, I took her with me and let the nice little ladies at my neighborhood chop shop paint her nails with glitter and a flower. Was I introducing this female ritual a tad early? Maybe. Did the gnarly talons hanging off my fingers care? No. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Since then I've take Zoe with me a few times to get her nails painted. It always amazes me how she always picks the brightest, sparkliest colors and sits OH SO STILL as they layer it on her tiny toes and fingers. At home I have to beg and bribe to get her to hold still while I trim her nails. At the nail shop, she sits up straight and proudly holds still until every last finger is polished to perfection. 

Today was one of those days. Since discovering Gel polish I can push my appts to 3 weeks out, but in a bout of OCDness the other night, I managed to pick 1.5 nails of my Bubble Bath polish off. TACK-Y. Zoe and I had 2 hours, so we went to get our nails done. While there, I heard no less than four times from old ladies over 70 about how they "didn't get my nails done for the first time until I was 40!" or "Wow. My mom would never pay money for me to get my nails done at that age." To which I SO wanted to reply "Because there wasn't nail salons on every corner in 1910!"

Yes. Zoe got her nails painted. And then she did the only other thing MORE shocking to the AARP set - she sat quietly and played with my iPhone until I was done. And yes, she can navigate the iPhone, the iPad and our cable better than you can. So SHUT IT.