I got the moves like Martha

Last week Jason was out of town amazing the dad-blogging world with his thoughts at the interactive conference, South by Southwest in Austin, Tx. And me? Home with the kids. But it wasn't all bad because I was able to do things like watch hours on end of E! News and Bravo shows. Late one night, I forced myself to stay awake to watch What What Happens Live when joining Bravo Andy in the studio was none other than the OG domestic godess and my crafty idol, Martha Stewart. 

I love Martha for many reasons. She's a cold hearted bitch, but MAN she can bake a cake or glitter an egg like it's nobodies business. At one point during the show, Martha demonstrated this amazing one move t-shirt fold. It was like laundry folding magic and I was determined to learn how to be a t-shirt folding magician also. 

Eat that, Martha. 


*oh, PS. I called myself a reluctant housewife, but you all know I'm not a real "housewife" but more of a parttime work at home mom that really hates things like laundry and cooking. Also? I said that this was a new series. Don't hold me to that. 

**PPS: Thanks, Maria for helping me with this today!