Rody: The Best Baby Gift EVER

I'm Rody and I Know ItWhen my mom's friend Janine gave us Rody, Lucas was 2 weeks old. He didn't even weigh 8lbs yet and we were smack in the middle of full-on sleep depravation. We thanked her graciously, took it home and used it as decor for the next 8 months. At one point during that first year of his life we pulled Rody down off the shelf and placed on the big blue rug that Lucas sat and played on. He loved jumping up and down in the Johnny Jumper and in his Excersaucer, so we carefully put him on Rody. Lucas immediately lunged forward and began to gnaw on a red rubber ear.

It was love at first bite. 

Lucas turned 8 earlier this month and Rody is still part of our lives. If the story of the Velveteen Rabbit was true, Rody would have turned "real" and gotten up and galloped away by now. Out of everything that we purchased or received as gifts when we had Lucas, only Rody and a dresser/changing table still remain. 

There was once a time when I thought Lucas would be going to college with his "ducky" blanket in hand, and today Duckies is a shredded rag put in a keepsake box. But not Rody. Rody lives in our family room and is still played with on a regular basis from either Zoe or Lucas. When we have playdates or parties at the house, Rody is front and center. Children from ages 1-8 can be found bouncing on his rubber back, pulling him around or dressing him up. The other morning Zoe constructed a massive pillow stable for Rody in the living room and was trying to feed him baby carrots and an apple. And Rody even got dressed up for Lucas' birthday party a few weeks back. 

I have a feeling Rody will be with us for years and years to come. Maybe one day we will even get to put one of Zoe or Lucas' children on his yellow "saddle" and watch as their children bond with the iconic rubber horse. 


Speaking of best baby things...

It's only been 4 years since I had a baby, but OMG has the landscape of baby stuff changed! A few weeks ago I had the change to check out Bel Bambini, an uber chic baby store in Newport Beach and Los Angeles. I was not only blown away by the amazing products they have these days, but the nursery decor was also stunning. This weekend Bel Bambini is celebrating the official Grand Opening of their Newport Beach location with festivities at both locations. If you are pregnant or have a little one, stop by and check them out! Maybe you'll win something good!