After writing about the current cover of time magazine earlier today for ShePosts, I just kept thinking about that headline and what Time magazine was trying to achieve with that headline. 

I get that they are in the business of selling magazines, but to put something out there that pits moms against each other just a few days before the holiday that celebrates us 

Parenthood, in its essence, is about survival. Making it through each day to the best of your ability. Some days you will feel like a failure. Others you will feel triumphant. Some days you will laugh, while others you want to cry and drink chardonnay. It's not easy. No mother out there will say that being a mom is a walk in the park. Daily every aspect of your being - from you patience to your intelligence - is challenged, and as moms we need to be there for each other. For support. For guidance. To laugh with. To talk things through with. 

NOT to judge each other. Not to make another mom feel inferior for how they are raising their kids. Not to make each other feel freakish or guarded over the choices they make for THEIR FAMILY.

Who the hell cares if you breastfeed until your child is four or if you give your baby a baby a bottle from day one? What good comes out of making anyone feel less for doing what they feel is right for their child?

Moms - we are in this together. We need to stand together and not tolerate the perpetuation of these so-called "mommy wars." Because you are a mom and you are doing the best job you can do. 

And yes. We ALL are mom enough. 



This Mother's Day reach out to your friends, your sisters and your own moms and tell them you think that they are doing a great job. Because that's all a mom really wants to hear every once in awhile.