Loving My: Longchamps Le Pliage Tote




I needed a new tote bag. Something I could carry on with me when I flew to New York but then could also use to carry around my iPad, water bottles and random pieces of swag while at BlogHer. My mom has had this same Longchamps tote for awhile and has always raved about how light of a bag it is; Perfect for schlepping whatever it is you need to schlep. 


Determined not to get the same bag as my mother, I searched high and low for a tote bag that a) zipped b) was light and c) was big, but not too big. Coming up empty handed, I quickly ordered the Longchamp tote from Nordstrom five days before I left for New York City.


When it comes to bags, I should just always defer to my mother... She was right - this is THE PERFECT bag for travel. I got magazines, water, a pashmina and all other "purse" items it without issue. It sits nicely on my shoulder, fits perfectly under the airplane seat and most importantly - it looks CHIC.


In fact, I noticed that it is currently THE IT bag of the ladies of NYC.


Since I've returned, I've continued to use it as my daily purse. It looks as good with a shirt dress and flip flops as it does a business suit. And a MAMA BONUS? It's nylon, which means easy cleaning. I already had a mishap involving something chocolate and the 100 degree heat wave, but it cleaned right up with a wet nap. 


Needless to say, I'm in bag love...