Monsterolgy and Animal Planet Wildlands Games Now Available! Yay!

I've been going on about Nukotoys and their amazing apps for over a year now. And now, I'm thrilled to tell you, the NUKO™ cards are finally available at Apple Stores, Target, Walmart, and Toy ‘R Us and the apps are available (for FREE) in the iTunes App Store. 

I'm so excited for Nukotoys. I've never met a group that I have wanted to see succeed more than the amazing people behind this company. I'm in awe at how far the company has come in a year and I love that I was able to even play a small roll in it. As you may know, I was in NYC with them a few weeks ago helping them spread the word to bloggers about the games and every single person I spoke was amazed by what they are doing. The only "complaint" I heard was bloggers going home and their kids NOT being able to purchase more cards immediately. Well, now they are available to the world. And I couldn't be more excited about seeing them at my local Apple store the other day. 

When I first posted about the games last year, the technology behind how the physical cards worked with the apps wasn't being disclosed. While Co-CEO Rodger Raderman still likes to refer to the technology simply as "magic," it's really a special ink in the card that conducts a charge when it comes in contact with the iPad’s touchscreen. Each “Nuko” (what they call the actual individual cards) has an invisible code printed using this ink. When pressed on the touchscreen of your iOS device (iPad or iPod touch), it reads the code and then activates the creatures on the card inside the game. Crazy cool, huh?

If you haven't had the chance to see the games in action yet, check out this video clip that tells you a little more about the games and why they are so, freaking, cool.

So look for the Monsterology and Animal Planet Wildlands cards the next time you are out shopping!


*Disclosure: I have done paid work for Nukotoys in the past year. But this post was written not out of any obligation, but just because I'm really excited for them.