At Least My Buns Look Good: How to Master the "Perfect" Top Knot / Bun

About 6 weeks ago I was standing in line at Urban Outfitters and a rolled-up piece of sponge caught my attention. It was a bun maker - nothing I hadn't seen before. But this one was light colored intended for use with blonde hair. For $6 I added it to my pile to try out at home. 

And then I forgot about it. 

And then I cut bangs. 

One afternoon I spent a 2 hours playing with my "new" hairstyle. Seeing if I liked it curly, straight, up or down, braided or.. in a bun. After watching a few video tutorials on YouTube, I mastered just how easy it is to do a "sock bun" or "top knot." Since then, it's been my go-to style. 

It's simple and easy and looks nice for work or running around in Lulu's. Its perfect when you need to wash your hair, or if you are headed to the gym. But since I'm always getting asked about it, I thought I would show you how I've been doing it. 

What you need: A bun maker, 2 elastics, a few bobby pins.

Steps 1-3 - Put your hair in a pony tail, then pull the pony through the middle of the bun maker

Steps 4-5 - Fan your hair out over the bun maker, smoothing it down and covering the bun maker. 

Step 6 -    Slip the 2nd elastic band over the bun, securing the hair down over the bun maker. 

Steps 7-8 -  Take your ends that are sticking out and slowing start rolling them together around the base of the bun. As you go around the base of the bun, keep grabbing all those ends and adding them to the roll. When you get to the end, tuck the under the elastic under the bun. Now secure with a bobby pin. Then use the additional bobby pins to secure the bun to the head in a few different areas. If you have long / thick hair, now is where you can pull pieces out to make it look messy. If you have thin hair (like mine) just make sure you bun maker is covered! 

Step 9 - Give it a little spray and VOILA. You are now #BUNTASTIC