Getting My Booty Kicked: 3 Things to Remember When You Start {back} At The Dailey Method Workout

You all know how much I love The Dailey Method workout? For the past year and half my girls Samantha and Shelie at the Carlsbad location have kept me lurching towards that goal of flat abs and a tight, little, lifted "seat." But here is my confession. I took a hiatus. 

I dropped the ball {from between my clenched thighs} and pretended like I was going to back "next week" - only that lasted from about November - January. And every "next week" something new stopped me from slipping on my grippy socks and getting myself back in there. 

Oh, the excuses! Some, like minor dermological surgeries, were good. Some, like "my hair is too dirty to work out today," were really, really, really lame. Truth be told, I was scared to go back. Scared to look at myself in the mirror tucking and clenching for 60 minutes. Scared of the muscle aches and soreness. And 100% scared to death of planking again. But then a challenge for the month of February got me in the door. The lure of new socks (I'm so easily won over with THINGS) and the realization that I had run out of reasons not to, kicked my motivation into gear. 

And I learned a few things along the way:

1) It will hurt like a moth%^*%^&ker the day after your first class back.

To put it nicely, I was hobbled. You should have seen me trying to get down the millions of stairs that we apparently have in this house... it was laughable. My quads were tighter than a tuned snare drum. But I didn't let it stop me. I hobbled my way back in two more times that week..

2) After the third class, you will feel like a rockstar.

Classes 1 and 2 made me say words that my mother would be ashamed to hear me say. Class 3 I think I managed a laugh and smiled during at least one point, and by class number 4? I felt AMAZING. I was already holding my stomach in a little tighter, lengthening my spine without thinking about it and able to plank for a least half of the time frame they want you to. I felt good. SO good I even went and tried on new jeans. {which, I don't suggest you do after just 3 classes because in all honesty I was the same size. But I FELT smaller and that counts for something, right?!}

3) You WILL see results. You WILL be happy. 

To me, the most amazing thing about The Dailey Method are the results. I'm an instant gratification type person. I don't even like online shopping because you are forced to wait 3-5 business days. Call me Veruca Salt, because when I want something I want something NOW. And I see results quickly with TDM. 

While I can't promise that you will also results, remember that I hadn't worked out for about (COUGH) 3 months (COUGH) and I have visible results after 4 weeks. I can see it, and others have noticed. 

In the next few months The Dailey Method will be rolling out a new challenge - the INTERVAL CLASS. I will admit, I'm scared. But also excited. I have no clue what it will entail other than I'm sure that I will cry part way through the first one. But I'm ready.



*Note that I was not compensated in cash to write this post. I got a free pair of pretty green socks and a little off the monthly cost, so I am not lying to you. I will also say that I'm doing other things that I will talk about over the next few weeks (diet related) that may have helped me. Or not. Who knows.