I'll Try That Week! #2: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This post can also be titled "Pinterest Made Me Do it."

After seeing hundreds of pins raving about long silky hair after using coconut oil on your hair, I decided to try it. Hey, we had a jar sitting there anyway!

After reading a few different articles on the how-to, I got my hair wet in the shower then applied the coconut oil liberally - focusing more on my ends than on the roots. I got out of the shower, dried off then put a shower cap on my head and let it sit for 20 minutes. During this 20 minutes I wrapped a dryer-warmed towel around my head and also used a hair dryer to warm my hair up.

I also took this time to slater my body in the oil to see if it had the amazing skin benefits others swear by. At this point I really wish I thought to make a Pina Colada before hand because DAMN, the smell was making me wish I was pool side under a palapa. 

After rinsing my body and shampooing twice - I got out of the shower and combed out my hair. Right away I noticed that my hair DID NOT feel conditioned AT ALL and it was hard to comb through. While blow drying I kept hoping to see gleaming soft hair emerge, alas none did. And the fly-aways it was supposed to tame were actually worse than before. 

My skin felt nice and soft, and I smelled delicious, but my lower legs still needed some lotion. I just really felt greasy and developed an overwhelming craving for Thai food. 

All in all? It was a waste of an hour and jar of coconut oil.