Social Media for Good: #JerseyLove A Trip to Help Restore the Shore

You know you're a west coaster when you call the area by the beach "the coast." While I can tell you all about the Pacific Coast Highway, beaches in Southern Cali and surf spots to hit in San Diego, I can not tell you ONE thing about the Jersey Shore - except that it was devastated last year by Hurricane Sandy. 

As a coastal-living person, my heart went out to all those who sat and watched as thier beloved shops, restaurants and favorite spots got washed away into the Atlantic. I've heard stories from friends of the amazing summer vacations walking along boardwalks, eating all kinds of yummy foods and making life-long memories while dipping their toes in the Atlantic Ocean. I hated the fear that the shore would not recover for future generations to also have these memories. But once again, what could I do from out here? 

How about take a little trip out east to see how the other half lives? 

Next month, I will be joining about 39 other social media mom rockstars in the first Social Media for Good retreat. June 6-9th I'll will be hitting the shores of New Jersey to raise awareness for and promote the re-opening of the Jersey Shore for the 2013 summer season. The four-day #JerseyLove Retreat, hosted by Caesar’s Entertainment and D6 Sports, is aimed at encouraging the public to visit the Jersey Shore again, this year more than ever. 

I have to admit - this is also going to be a whole lotta fun. 

Seeing Atlantic City for the first time, we are all being hosted at Caesar’s Palace during the time we are there. The actual #JerseyLove Retreat kicks off with activities such as a Taste of Caesar’s dining event, wine tasting, Ladies Night Out at Harrah’s Pool After Dark and a shopping trip to support local businesses. On Friday June 7, the group will travel to Belmar, one of the hardest hit towns along the shoreline, for a beach day event where skimboard and surf lessons will be provided courtesy of D6 Sports.

Since my surfing in the Pacific has been well, less than stellar, I'm hoping to rip it up in Belmar!

There will be lots of pictures. There will be lots of tweets and updates. I'm really excited to check out life on the other coast. 

Do you have a great memory of the Jersey Shore? Any tips on things I need to do, see or eat while in Atlantic City? 


DISCLOSURE: The Social Media for Good #JerseyLove retreat is being sponsored by D6 Sports and Caesar's Entertainment. This includes accommodations, meals and transportation. All opinions are my own.