I Heart New Jersey.

There is no other place like the Jersey shore. That I am now sure of. We all think of it as the home of "G.T.L" and drunk girls with big hair, but it's not. Its an amazing strip of coastline where the foliage is lush and green and the beaches are white and flanked with boardwalks. 

The people are some of the nicest I've ever met. While I was a tad disappointed in the lack of big hair, I was thrilled when one guy said "Oh, forgettaboutit." (I may or may not have actually squealed and asked him to say it again, then I probably said "Awesome" or "rad" - so we were totally even).

Over the next few days I'm going to be posting about my trip, some images and some memories. My goal? TO GET YOU TO THE SHORE. 

Here's the thing - we were there for one reason, to let the world know that Jersey may have been hit by Hurricane Sandy, but they are not down. They are there, alive and and in many places all rebuilt and ready for summer. But more than ever they need the summer crowds. 

The stores, hotels and mom and pop shops are still there - they've fixed up and stocked up. But if the tourists stay away this summer, they may not be there next year. 

If you need a little convincing, check out this video of the good time I had on Steel Pier

BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT and LOTS OF LOVE to the #JerseyLove FABULOUS sponsors Caesar's Atlantic City and D6 Surfskimmers. With out thier support, none of this would have been possible. 

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