Life’s A Beach with D6 Surfskimmers and HangTen

{The following is a charming little story, made possible through sponsorship by D6. It is all true, which makes it even better. And? Everyone lives happily ever after.}

The Belmar Beach Party was a highlight of the #JerseyLove trip this past June! The day was designed to be the main social good component of our press trip to help restore New Jersey tourism after Sandy did quite a number on it last year. We were thrilled to sign D6 as our social good sponsor and even more thrilled when they suggested we throw a beach party with the opportunity to check out their newly launched surf skimmers and (not yet available) Hang Ten surf boards. 

Then the big day arrived and it was soggy. Tropical Storm Somebody was pushing through and dumping warm rain on our parade. Instead of beach umbrellas and sunblock, we moved inside the iconic Djais to hang out, have a bite to eat and stay dry. The weather was not going to stop us from having fun and even though it was raining, we were still going to attempt surfing.

Then…the shark report came in. 

Moms wearing wetsuits that make them look like yummy seals + man eating sharks = NO WAY. I'm a California girl. I can surf almost any day of the week - on non-shark infested water days. But these girls? They be Cray-Cray. 

They all kept saying that they wanted to get in the water because of the chance to surf with the classic beach brand HANG TEN and try the innovative new D6 surfskimmers. That, this was a chance to do something rare and even a little dangerous. But honestly, I think the hot surfer dudes served as the best motivation.

The only real bummer was that we didn’t get to do much surfskimming with the kids. I do know a little insider info about the boards, designed for kids ages 5-12:


  • It is a must-have innovative skimboard introduces action sports to beginners who have always wanted to shred like their idols, (or their moms if they were on the JerseyLove trip.)
  • It’s is a fun, innovative skimboard with gripper technology designed to give kids a chance to skim and advance quickly within minutes on the water; because we all know that a kid’s attention span is about 5 minutes max. Ease of use and fast learning is ESSENTIAL.
  • A first-of-its-kind product, the SurfSkimmer is a skimboard with a detachable arm extension and handlebar that allows kids to run and glide without losing balance.
  • Nothing is worse than trying to clean a sandy injury and get a band aid to stick while at the beach. Avoiding injury is a good thing.
  • Once kids are ready to ride without the handle, they can remove it and skim just like the pros. Plus, the failed attempts make for hilarious YouTube content! ;-)


It is like learning to surf with training wheels! Take a look:

Since we didn’t have a chance to really try it out, D6 was kind enough to offer us a discount on the boards once we got back to our homes and respective beaches! Not only that, but you can all get one at a discounted rate too. Yup, we can all be cool parents for 20% less than retail price. Just use: jerseylove at checkout and prepare to be the most coveted parent on the beach. You’re welcome.

Despite the crummy weather and fear of being shark snacks, we had a blast. Life really is a beach, rain or shine, when you have D6 and Hang Ten to make it fun! 


*Disclosure: This post is sponsored content as part of my agreement as a participant of the #JerseyLove event.